Air coolers are units that consist of a fan, cooling pads, pump, and a water tank. Air cooler requires no installation. You have to fill the water tank with an appropriate amount of water. It lowers the temperature of the air by quite a few degrees by circulating the air sent through the water-cooled pads.

 The air cooler comes with the cooling pads of 2 different types-

  •  Aspen wood wool cooling pads
  • Honeycomb cooling pads

A cooler can be used by anyone, especially people who lives in hot and dry places. The initial cost of the air cooler is much less than an air conditioner even though both end up cooling the room. The operating and maintenance cost of an air cooler is much less as compared to the air conditioner.

Nowadays most of the plastic coolers come with a trolley or attached castor wheels that make them easily portable. Also, a cooler consumes much less power and runs economically and is efficient in cooling any room.

Depending on the capacity of the water tank and cooling efficiency they can be classified into four categories-

Desert Air Cooler

Desert coolers are big air cooler having a water tank capacity of 40 to 100 or more liters. They come with huge fans and powerful water pumps. Desert coolers are best for halls, bigger rooms, offices restaurants, and such other places. They can be used for long operational hours. Before you buy you must compare the following features…Read more

Tower Air Cooler

Tower coolers offer a better amount of airflow when compared to other air coolers. These air coolers are more powerful and can cool a big room in less time. Tower air coolers are the slimmer version of air coolers suitable for places with less space. The tower coolers are sleek and elegant in design which helps them cool compact spaces…Read more


Personal coolers are small as compared to desert coolers or tower coolers. These are compact and portable coolers that can be placed near your bed, dining table, or sofa. These plastic coolers can easily be moved because of castor wheels. The energy consumption of these coolers is very low as compared to other types of coolers. A personal cooler is a great deal for small spaces…Read more


If you are trying to buy a new window cooler, but at the same time want an affordable and effective product, then it will be the best option for you. Today many different types of plastic coolers from various brands are available…Read more


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